Neuer Booker bei Lumpen!

Lumpen (legendary Oi! Streetpunk band from Cosenza – Italy) are back in KOB FAMILY…. waiting for their awaiting new album, KOB Records start now to book shows across Europe ❤️Booking:

„spirit of d.i.y. compilation vol. 5“

No Restraints – street core

after 4 days of travel, 26 days stuck in the custom in milan and a 15€ extra for the quick service ( 😑 ) we finally received the copies of „spirit of d.i.y. compilation vol. 5“ we have a few copies for sale for ONLY 5€!!! so if you want get one now by writing us or order it on our web store: norestraints.limitedrun.commany thanks to @punkboot promtions for including us in this great compilation #streetcore #streetpunk #hardcore #punk #punkrock #punkrockmusic #norestraintscore #nyhc #skinhead #punksandskins #punkbootpromotions #compilation #cd #diy

Constrained aus Belgien neu im Support!

Ola und noch ein paar News zum heutigen Tag.
Die Jungs von Constrained-Official sind jetzt neu bei uns in der Radio familie. Saustark das Wir die Jungs aus Belgien verpflichten konnten.
Was Erwartet euch?
Geiler Skinheadrock! Sie selber sagen finest Streetpunk 🙌.
Nach einer kurzen Pause, die fast 20 Jahre gedauert hat, sind Sie zurück! Aus der Asche berüchtigter Bands wie Weak Peaks, Convicted und Murderhorn machen sie sich unter dem Banner von CONSTRAINED auf den Weg. Wie die meisten von euch wissen, hat Olivier diese Welt vor mehr als 15 Jahren verlassen. Sie vermissen ihn immer noch, als Freund und als Musiker, aber er wird respektvoll durch Kenny am Bass ersetzt, der die alten Songs in seinem eigenen Stil spielen wird. Durch die Rückkehr von Gründungsmitglied Hans haben Sie, das erste mal 2 Gitarristen in der Band.
Nächstes Jahr wollen sie auch wieder Konzerte spielen. Also heisst sie willkommen. Oi! Nach Belgien.

Ola and some more news for today.
The guys from Constrained-Official are now new in our radio family. It’s great that we were able to sign the guys from Belgium.
What can you expect?
Hot skinhead rock! They say finest streetpunk themselves 🙌.
After a short break that lasted almost 20 years, they are back! From the ashes of infamous bands like Weak Peaks, Convicted and Murderhorn they set out under the banner of CONSTRAINED. As most of you know, Olivier left this world more than 15 years ago. You still miss him, as a friend and as a musician, but he is respectfully replaced by Kenny on bass, who will play the old songs in his own style. With the return of founding member Hans, they have, for the first time, 2 guitarists in the band.
Next year they also want to play concerts again. So welcome them. Oi! to Belgium.

Review Parpaing – Demo!


​Parpaing are a Parisian Oi! band that I came across while looking on Bandcamp. To be honest, I don’t know an awful lot about them other than they are a 5-piece of Tonio (vocals), Leslie (guitar), Kev (guitar), Junior (bass) and Skampi (drums) play raw sounding Oi! that sounds like it has come straight out of the 1980’s. The band have recently released this 6-track demo which is available as a free download on their Bandcamp page.

As I don’t speak French, so I can’t comment on the lyrics but musically the band have a no-nonsense approach by playing simple and fast songs with vocals that are snarled over the top, and I like it. The 6 tracks of ‘Parpaing’, Naphtaline’, ‘Embuscade’, ‘Poppers Skin’, ‘Jeunes’ and Tout Seul’ are all great sounding songs that are a great introduction to the band, and I will definitely be keeping an eye out for their future releases.

If you like raw 1980’s style Oi! this band are well worth checking out and it’s free so there is nothing to lose.

SOGS-PunkRock auf Rumänisch!Erster Song!

Der Erste Song von den Rumänen aus England ist draußen. SOGS kommen gut betrunken mit “ Bere si Punk-Rock“ ums Eck cheers.

The first song from the Romanians from England is out. SOGS come around the corner well drunk with “ Bere si Punk-Rock“ cheers.

SOGS! Streetpunk auf Rumänisch!

Neues Lockdown Projekt von unseren Kumpel vlad.

SOGS kommen mit dem ersten Teaser, Rauchiger Stimme und getextet wurde auf Rumänisch 👍

New lockdown project from our buddy vlad.SOGS come with the first teaser, smoky voice and lyrics in Romanian 👍

Subculture69Radio! Jetzt zu Hören auf Sounds Of The

Mal wieder Großartige news!Unser Kumpel Mark von Sounds Of The Street hat unsere Zusammen-Arbeit jetzt perfekt gemacht. Jetzt sind wir nicht nur mit unserer Website verlinkt auf seiner Page. Nein! Man kan uns auch bequem jetzt auf seiner Homepage hören, da er uns jetzt direkt verlinkt hat. Was kann´s also schöneres geben beim Reviews lesen ein wenig Subculture69radio zu hören ganz stark mein Freund grüsse auf die Insel.

Great news again!Our buddy Mark from Sounds Of The Street has now made our work together perfectly. Now we are linked on his website.You can also listen to us on his homepage, because he has linked us directly. So what could be better than listening to a little Subculture69radio while reading a review from Mark?!Big thanks Brother and an Salute to the Island.

Review zu 45 Adapters – Now or Never!


45 Adapters – Now or Never

Pirates Press Records

Brooklyn’s finest the 45 Adapters are back! The band are just about to release their stunning new E.P ‘Now or Never’ which has been much anticipated since the title track appeared on last years Pirates Press compilation ‘For Family and Flag’. The first thing you will be impressed with is the appearance of the record which is a clear vinyl that has been digitally printed on that looks like it been printed on glass. The record may look amazing but it’s the music that really stands out as the band pack a punch with 6 killer anthems which adds to their impressive back catalogue.

If you are familiar with the band you will know that they mix rock ‘n’ roll, ska, pub rock and punk with Oi! to make catchy and danceable music and the songs on ‘Now or Never’ are no different. This really is a great record, and the title track sets the tone for the rest of the record. ‘Now or Never’ is a brilliant rock ‘n’ roll song with great riffs, excellent lyrics and brilliant to sing-along to.

I love the raucous, energetic sound that this band create but they do this while remaining melodic and catchy and the rest of the E.P are great examples of this sound. ‘Friendship’, ‘Ready Blood’, ‘Shabby’ and ‘Broken Men’ are all fantastic songs, but it’s ‘Let’s Play’, a cracking pub rock track with a hint of glam that’s the pick of the bunch for me.

The 45 Adapters have produced yet again so there is nothing else to say apart from lace up your boots, grab a beer and get dancing!

Neues Review von Sounds Of The Streets!


Antagonizers ATL – Kings

Pirates Press Records

Working-class street punks Antagonizers ATL are about to unleash ‘Kings’, their unbelievably good second album. It may be 5 years on from their debut, but the band haven’t been twiddling their thumbs as they have added a 6th member and have taken the time to master their sound to produce 31 minutes of top-class street punk over 10 brilliantly written tracks. I have given this album several listens since it dropped into my inbox which gets better with every listen and I have to say that the wait has been well worth it.

Antagonizers ATL are masters of playing incredibly catchy sing-along anthems and ‘Kings’ is no exception as they deliver earworm after earworm which makes for one hell of a listen. The band mean business from the off with opener ‘Worries’, a well-written slab of dirty rock ‘n’ roll and they already have me hooked. After a great start, the band continue to deliver excellent in your face street punk with ‘Black Clouds’ and ‘Trouble’ before the incredible title track. This is a sing-along anthem about the unity in the punk community and is probably my favourite song on the album.

For me, ‘Kings’ is a great album for these troubled times which covers the positive themes of strength, pride and togetherness throughout and ‘No Rest For The Wicked’, ‘Believe’, ‘Marching On’ and ‘Us Against The World’ are examples of this.  Another highlight on this exceptional album is ‘Hold On Hold Strong’, a catchy gem of a song with great riffs and brilliant chorus and also has guest vocals by Monty Neysmith of Symarip.

All in all, ‘Kings’ is an impressive album from start to finish and if you’re fans of melodic sing-along street punk this album is a must. Do yourselves a favour, get yourself a copy, grab a beer, play it loud and sing your heart. That’s what I’ll be doing for some time to come.


Unsere Uhren sind gekommen. Danke an unsere Freunde aus Wales. Die Uhr ist aus Glas und zum auf hängen Durchmesser beträgt 19cm. Wir haben erst mal Noch 6 Stück, es sind schon welche Verkauft worden durch den Vorbestellzeitraum haltet euch ran, wer noch eine will. Versand Weltweit, bei Interesse PN. Danke

Our watches have come. Thanks to our friends from Wales. Foreign Legion for help.The watch is made of glass and to hang on, diameter is 19cm. We have first Another 6 pieces, there are already which ones have been sold through the pre-order period keep you running, who wants one more. Shipping Worldwide, if interested PN. Thank you