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Wir haben 4 Neue Bands in unsere Support vom "AntiKommerziellen" Promo und Booking Kollektiv "Rough and Raw" Aufgenommen.

Die Siffer- Punkrock

Sick of Society-HC/Punk

CrossX- Hardcore

Rising Resistance-MelodicHC/Punkrock


New Album comes in. Scandal-StreetPunk "ON A ROLL" from London in the Next Time an Interview with Us and the Friends.



Wir haben keine Kosten und Mühen geschoit, um oich mal wieder einen frischen Moderator vor zu setzen.
Junge Motivierte Skins brauchen Wir!
Von dem her möchten wir
Gadget ganz recht Herzlich bei uns im Team begrüssen.

We have a new Supportband in our Radio.

The boys of Lyse Paly come from Breslau Poland. They make fat Skinhead-RNR with really cool Oldschool to influence.

We say welcome Lyse Paly in the radio family.




We Support a New Festival with our Radio!


Friday 13th April 2018 - Saturday 14th April 2018

The 2 day line-up includes some cracking local bands and so much more over two stages is shaping up to be an unmissable event. We believe we have most bases covered.

Already announced are Sham 69 and The Blockheads and many more…
See below for the full line up












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