Review zu 45 Adapters – Now or Never!


45 Adapters – Now or Never

Pirates Press Records

Brooklyn’s finest the 45 Adapters are back! The band are just about to release their stunning new E.P ‘Now or Never’ which has been much anticipated since the title track appeared on last years Pirates Press compilation ‘For Family and Flag’. The first thing you will be impressed with is the appearance of the record which is a clear vinyl that has been digitally printed on that looks like it been printed on glass. The record may look amazing but it’s the music that really stands out as the band pack a punch with 6 killer anthems which adds to their impressive back catalogue.

If you are familiar with the band you will know that they mix rock ‘n’ roll, ska, pub rock and punk with Oi! to make catchy and danceable music and the songs on ‘Now or Never’ are no different. This really is a great record, and the title track sets the tone for the rest of the record. ‘Now or Never’ is a brilliant rock ‘n’ roll song with great riffs, excellent lyrics and brilliant to sing-along to.

I love the raucous, energetic sound that this band create but they do this while remaining melodic and catchy and the rest of the E.P are great examples of this sound. ‘Friendship’, ‘Ready Blood’, ‘Shabby’ and ‘Broken Men’ are all fantastic songs, but it’s ‘Let’s Play’, a cracking pub rock track with a hint of glam that’s the pick of the bunch for me.

The 45 Adapters have produced yet again so there is nothing else to say apart from lace up your boots, grab a beer and get dancing!