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Antagonizers ATL – Kings

Pirates Press Records

Working-class street punks Antagonizers ATL are about to unleash ‘Kings’, their unbelievably good second album. It may be 5 years on from their debut, but the band haven’t been twiddling their thumbs as they have added a 6th member and have taken the time to master their sound to produce 31 minutes of top-class street punk over 10 brilliantly written tracks. I have given this album several listens since it dropped into my inbox which gets better with every listen and I have to say that the wait has been well worth it.

Antagonizers ATL are masters of playing incredibly catchy sing-along anthems and ‘Kings’ is no exception as they deliver earworm after earworm which makes for one hell of a listen. The band mean business from the off with opener ‘Worries’, a well-written slab of dirty rock ‘n’ roll and they already have me hooked. After a great start, the band continue to deliver excellent in your face street punk with ‘Black Clouds’ and ‘Trouble’ before the incredible title track. This is a sing-along anthem about the unity in the punk community and is probably my favourite song on the album.

For me, ‘Kings’ is a great album for these troubled times which covers the positive themes of strength, pride and togetherness throughout and ‘No Rest For The Wicked’, ‘Believe’, ‘Marching On’ and ‘Us Against The World’ are examples of this.  Another highlight on this exceptional album is ‘Hold On Hold Strong’, a catchy gem of a song with great riffs and brilliant chorus and also has guest vocals by Monty Neysmith of Symarip.

All in all, ‘Kings’ is an impressive album from start to finish and if you’re fans of melodic sing-along street punk this album is a must. Do yourselves a favour, get yourself a copy, grab a beer, play it loud and sing your heart. That’s what I’ll be doing for some time to come.