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No Restraints-Streetcore- Publish his first Song.

New Song in our Auto Dj. The first Songt from No Restraints – street core

The idea of the band was born at the end of 2017, when Johnny and Lorenzo (at that time drummer and guitar player of the band holy flame) wanted to create their own project with a different style.
Months passed by searching for the right members to complete the line up. In 2018 Lorenzo started his own band (slantop machines, different kind of music, more into garage but check them out, they’re cool).
After more or less one year trying differents solutions the line-up has been finally completed with Dave at the drums, Fere and Fax on bass & guitar (both coming from an old punk band from Vercelli) and Johnny as singer.
The line-up recorded his first single in July and is going to start the live activity from september.

No Restraints – street core is now in our Auto Dj. and now in our Support Family welcome Buddys cheers