Interview Latinoamérica Skinhead – The Foreign Legion.

Text 14.10.2020 by Latinoamérica Skinhead Oficial

1. By way of contextualization and for those who still do not know The Foreign Legion … tell us its history, formation and what led you to form a Punk band?

TFL: Foreign legion was formed march 1984 Marcus, vocals, Si guitar, Dave bass, SidGreg drums, today’s line up. We were all checking out the new records from the punk scene wanted to be in a band like them. Clash, Cockney Rejects, Sham 69, Damned, etc. We were all bored out of work…

2. Who are The Foreign Legion and what do they do in their daily life?

TFL:Greg got is own business garden workSi and sid work in local factory.Dave works in office plus studio workI don’t work I get treatment from hospital weekly….

3. Musically speaking?what are the influences of the band?

TFL: Clash, Cockney rejects,Ruts,Damned,Sham 69,Etc, etc…

4. Do any of the band members have any other side projects to The Foreign Legion?

TFL:Marcus was former member of society and dead on arrival Welsh punk. Dave plays for hooligan dublin album coming soon Laketown Records Germany, Greg used to play for Violators epic problem now plays for decades of delusion..

5. What do you think about the meddling of certain politicized sectors within the Punk and Skinhead scene? Is the music-politics binomial compatible for you?

TFL:Beer, football, music. Always working class streetpunk.

6. What does Galés and the UK mean to you?

TFL:Proud Happy to be Welsh love the history, valleys, people proud of sporting people, actors, music. etc.

7. If you had to list from 1 to 10 the albums that have most influenced the band what would they be?

TFL:First albums.Clash/Cockney rejects/Sham 69/Damned/Anti nowhere league/Stiff little fingers/Business/4 skins/Blitz/Angelic upstarts/Exploited/Discharge /Adicts/Major accident/Dk.

8. How is the Skinhead and Punk movement today in your country and hometown?

TFL:The scene today is not has big has it used to be back in late 70s 80s. Some of the early punks jumped onto the new romantic scene. We still get a good crowd today all the old punks and skins come out to see a show…

9. Tell us a little about who has shared the stage? ¿Do you have friendly bands?

TFL:All these bands great backstage very freindly shared food beers water with us…Control/ Beerzone/UK Subs/Business/Infa Riot/Old Firm Casuals/Cockney Rejects/Agnostic Front/Cock Sparrer/Misfits/Adicts/Test Tubes/Major Accident/Templars/ Gimpfist/Red Alert/Anti Nowhere League/Xslf/Sham 69/Last Resort/Bad Manners/Undertones. etc, etc.Stiff little fingers had massive rider food drinks didn’t offer us anything..Buzzcocks didn’t speak to us jumped straight on bus back to their hotel..Dropkick murphys shared food drinks and got us merchs.Peter and the test tube baby’s bought merchs also oxymoron…

10. As for football, glorious football … Are you fans of any club?

TFL:I go to see Queens Park rangers football club. Also watch lower league team merthyr town fc but the season is over for this year due to no crowds covid virus so sad.. I’ve seen all big clubs play Arsenal/Tottenham/Chelsea/Manchester City/Manchester UTD/Liverpool/ Newcastle/West ham UTD Etc..

11. Do you know anything about other skinhead or punk scenes in Latin America?

TFL:Ee follow the scene in Latin America I have lots of cds bands from Chile/ Mexico/ Brazil/ Colombia/ Argentina we know have distro over there oi distro mood records Mexico print our shirts..We know Sindicato Oi!/Hombres da barrio/Los Dead/Dedo Podre/Corsarios/Yesterday Heroes/Offensive/Sector Oi!

12. What is the band currently up to and what are their future plans?

TFL:We going to record 3 new tracks very soon when this lockdown is over. New video coming soon. Hope to play Scotland next year also rebellion festival.Split with major accident, cry of the legion is being rereleased on a special coloured vinyl plus merch bomber jackets hoodys tshirts. First lp welcome to first zinderneuf is coming out soon on vinyl.. Also the early years demo Eps and Lps coming soon plenty of new merchs coming soon..For merchs tshirts stickers hoodys scarfs cds vinyl beanies. Just get in touch…

13. I thank you for the time dedicated to answering these questions … This space is for you to say what you want to those who already know something more about The Foreign Legion through this route … a hug!

TFL:Thanks you so much for the interview best wishes to all our freinds bands labels radio shows fanzines distro out in Lyon America stay safe, take care.. Just get in touchUp the punk!Oi! Oi! Oi!